Dry cleaning

Clean N Classy provide Dry Cleaning services for virtually all items of clothing such as silk, suits, formal/designer wears and soft furnishings, including curtains, quilts/Blankets, bedding, carpets and cushion covers etc. Our dry cleaning process ensures quality cleaning retaining the richness, texture and color of the garments.

We understand the time and effort it takes to look your very best. Your business and casual apparel is a reflection of who you are. These garments, usually the foundation of a wardrobe, comprise a considerable investment. That’s why business and casual wear deserves the same attention as couture or formal wear.
We take special care of your clothing using only the most gentle, textile-friendly and eco-friendly methods and procedures. We stringently separate garments to prevent damage to the color and texture of your clothes.
Clean N Classy strictly applies quality control standards to produce superior levels of customer satisfaction. Our methods and procedures ensure your clothes look their best and last years longer. So whether you’re a busy career professional, or a parent trying to juggle the demands of work and children, why not make life easier? Clean N Classy can ease the pressure and give you more time to enjoy yourself and your family.

Laundry (Wet Cleaning)

Our laundry service guarantees a total 'ready-to-wear' garment professionally finished that will make you look and feel your very best. We pay attention to every detail, precisely pressed and rolled to perfection.
Every garment is hand-finished and packed to customer request and specifications. Garment can be returned either folded or on a hanger, according to your preference.

Steam Press/Ironing

Considering the nature and work schedule of an average Executive, self-employed and employed professionals. The pressure of living up to official responsibilities and demands is very tasking. Apart from being pressed for time or just hate ironing, so many fabrics requires a touch of experienced professionals to get a desirable result. With Clean N Classy, you don’t have to worry about mountains of crumpled clothes piling up at home as our ironing service is very dynamic and convenient to suite your need. Simply bring in your laundered garments and household textiles and we’ll press everything to perfection. Soon, all the frustrations of ironing delicate pleats and in-between button holes will be a distant memory. Why not use our Laundry Service too, and let us do all the hard work? Visit our office and ask a member of our team for details.

Garment Repairs

Clean N Classy bring her expertise and dedication, to repair and alterations. Whether rejuvenating a garment, or perfecting its fits, we ensure that your sartorial assets will deliver many years of pleasure. We have a fully equipped tailoring department to help us achieve this. Special attention is always given to maintaining and, if necessary, expertly reproducing the finished detail of the garment. Our skilled tailor will advise you on any aspect of the service you may require. There are comfortable changing facilities at all our branches should you require a fitting. The department boast of dedicated industrial machines to ensure the best possible results and can safely work with any type of fabric or garment, many clothing retailers avail themselves of our alteration service. So whether you are buying a new suit or gown, need your zips replaced, lengths adjusted (or perhaps you have lost some weight and need your clothes resized), rest assured that you will look great when you use our tailoring service. Clean N Classy offers a wide range of tailoring and alteration services to meet your requirements.

Stains Removal

At Clean N Classy we consider stain removal a high priority and is dealt with by hand prior to dry cleaning/laundry. Unless we have discussed with you the element of 'Owners Risk' we will operate within safety margins, limiting the risk of damaging your garment during the removal of problematic stains. We have skilled personnel who are specifically trained in stain removal and are dedicated only to this function of our service. It should be remembered that while all stains can be removed, it is not always possible to remove all stains from all fabrics.

Certain factors may influence complete stain removal, the stain may be old and oxidized, or it may have been set by previous washing and/or ironing. There could be a risk of damage to the dye or the fabric as in the case of dye stains and heavily stained collars. In most cases we will be able to remove or improve on all the stain removal we undertake. Spillages of drinks not containing strong dyes, such as lemonade and champagne, can be blotted away from fabrics.

Wedding Dresses

Whether for nostalgia, or to preserve the legacy for future generations, we at Clean N Classy make your auspicious occasion of marriage memorable by providing specialized cleaning and packing of your wedding dress, we try our best to ensure your wedding dresses is carefully restored and preserved.
Bridal gowns represent a significant financial investment, and families want to store and protect their gowns for future generations.
Even if you have been unlucky and married in the rain and the train or hem of your dress is heavily soiled, or you may have had food or drink spilled over you, and your beautiful dress may be damaged; We understand fully the importance of preservation, and possess the expertise to protect and retain the shine and beauty of your garments for passing it in to the next generation.

Special Items

Entrust us with your special items like toys, hats, fabric bags etc. and we will make sure they are cleaned.

Office Cleaning

A clean and hygienic office is a more productive place for your staff to work and a more pleasant place for your clients to visit. We provide high quality, cost-effective office cleaning solutions.

Integrated Pest Management

Clean N Classy offers a range of professional pest control treatments to keep your environment pest-free. Our domestic pest control service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets.

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